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Why Shred

Why Do I Need to Shred?

The day-to-day operation of any business yields a large amount of data. Since much of this information contains private client and employee information, you would not want this sensitive information to get into the wrong hands – such as competitors and identity thieves. Anything that is not shredded prior to disposal automatically becomes vulnerable, and your business becomes at risk.

Need another reason? It’s the law.

Due to a number of Federal regulations, most of the sensitive client information your organization handles must be destroyed prior to disposal. Failure to comply with any Federal regulation in your industry often results in steep fines. From HIPPA to Sarbanes-Oxley, your business needs to comply with any Federal regulation. The only way to be 100% compliant is by destroying 100% of the necessary documents.

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As stated above, compliance is a necessary legal and ethical component needed to protect your business. Read more.

Identity Theft

Identity Theft affects over 15 million Americans every year and costs billions in financial losses. Most identity thieves simply obtain victim's information from collecting trash. Don’t risk this happening to you. Read more.

Save Resources

Keep your employees productive and avoid long hours of in-house shredding. Read more.