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Identity Theft

Don’t Be the Next Victim of Identity Theft

Shredding prevents identity theft

Identity theft is nothing to be taken lightly. Once an identity is compromised, the problems can seem endless. The best way to protect yourself from the horrors of identity theft is to shred any and all personal and financial documents. Shredding with The Red Shredder ensures the security that you need to save yourself from identity theft.

It does not take much for a criminal to be able to completely steal an identity. Things as simple as credit card offers and receipts that are simply thrown away in the garbage are a gold mine for identity thieves. With Florida continually ranking first nationally among all states in identity theft, you and your business have never been more at risk.

What You Need to Shred

Our team of security experts have compiled a list of documents you must shred to avoid identity theft:


  • Bank information
  • Accounts payable/receivable
  • Medical records
  • Legal records
  • Credit card offers/information
  • Employee evaluations
  • Financial statements
  • Income tax records
  • Insurance information
  • Personal bills
  • Investment records
  • Bidding strategies
  • Computer access codes
  • Customers lists
  • ATM/Bank receipts
  • Invoices


(To name a few)


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