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Shredding Services

Delray Beach Paper Shredding

Our shredding process is quick, secure and efficient. The closed-loop document shredding and destruction process is simple and designed to save you time and money. With the capacity to destroy documents, electronic media files, hard drives, ID and access materials and more, The Red Shredder can take care of your office shredding needs. Located in Delray Beach, we are South Florida's mobile on-site shredding solution, servicing businesses in Palm Beach County and Broward County.


How mobile on-site paper shredding works:

  1. After an initial security consultation, we deliever secure, locked containers to store your office documents that need to be destroyed.
  2. A Red Shredder Security Specialist arrives at your office in our state-of-the-art mobile document destruction truck to perform all shredding services.
  3. The completely automated system ensures maximum security and efficiency. All confidential materials will be 100 percent shredded.
  4. After each session, we present a Certificate of Destruction for all shredded materials.
  5. Finally, we recycle all of our destroyed materials.

Service Options for South Florida Businesses

The Red Shredder will develop the right document destruction strategy to fit your needs. We offer Delray Beach area businesses two types of shredding services: scheduled pick-ups and one-time purge services.


  • Scheduled pick-ups are the easiest way to handle your paper shredding needs. We regularly come to your office, pick up the secure containers and destroy all documents on-site.
  • One-time purge services are great for periodic cleanups. If you have a large collection of items to be shredded, The Red Shredder will come and destroy it.
  • Hard drive destruction to protect and securely dispose of eletronic information. 


Give us a call, 561-630-6600 or request a quote to see how The Red Shredder can destroy all of your sensitive information.