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Scheduled Shredding

South Florida Scheduled On-Site Shredding

With an increasing need to be compliant with industry regulations and adherence to privacy laws, in addition to real identity theft threats, your company should consider routinely scheduled document shredding with The Red Shredder. Headquarted in Palm Beach County, we are the Delray Beach on-site shredding experts. We service businesses through the greater Palm Beach and Broward County areas. 

We work with you to develop the right schedule to fit your office’s needs. Then, we provide secure, locked containers to store your company's sensitive information that needs to be destroyed. Our mobile document destruction truck arrives at your office on the scheduled time and date and quickly and securely destroy all contents of the containers.

The Red Shredder security-trained technicians are experts in document destruction and perform all shredding services. At the completion of each shredding service, a Certificate of Destruction is presented to clients as proof that all materials were destroyed.

As engaged members of the Delray Beach community, 100 percent of destroyed materials are recycled. After all, we want to keep South Florida beautiful.

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